The following are menus for Litchfield Public Schools. Lunch includes entrée, fruit, vegetable, breads/grains and milk. Lunch menus are for Head Start, LELP, St. Philips, Ripley, LMS and LHS unless otherwise noted.

Week of Mar. 8-12:

Litchfield Schools breakfast menu- LMS/LHS Breakfast Grab N Go

(Includes assorted fruits and milk)

Monday — Assorted breakfast breads or muffins

Tuesday — Breakfast bar

Wednesday — Breakfast snack

Thursday —Sweet roll, cheese or meat stick

Friday —Breakfast on the go

Litchfield School Lunch

Monday — Haystackers, rice, vegetable, fruit & milk.

Tuesday — “Gone to the Dogs”, baked beans, fruit & milk.

Wednesday —Chicken sandwich, French fries, fruit & milk. Distance learners

Thursday — Cheeseburger macaroni green beans, fruit & milk. HS- pasta bar

Friday — Fish sandwich, vegetable, fruit & milk. No School K-4