Strong support from voters in the city of Litchfield was not quite enough to overcome overwhelming opposition in other precincts throughout Litchfield School District.

And that leaves some uncertainty about the future of the proposed Litchfield Area Recreation Center.

Litchfield School District bond voting results


Approval of School District Bond Issue

Shall the school board of Independent School District No. 465 (Litchfield Public Schools) be authorized to issue its general obligation school building bonds in an amount not to exceed $13,545,000 to provide funds for the acquisition and betterment of school sites and facilities, including the construction and equipping of an aquatics facility; the construction and equipping of locker rooms, community and family changing rooms and other support spaces at that facility; the relocation of storage areas; and the construction and installation of various athletic field and related site improvements? BY VOTING "YES" ON THIS BALLOT QUESTION, YOU ARE VOTING FOR A PROPERTY TAX INCREASE.

Precinct YES NO
Acoma Township 1 0
Acton Township 10 4
Cedar Mills Twp. 2 1
Danielson Twp. 0 0
Darwin 42 108
Darwin Township 113 159
Ellsworth Twp. 106 213
Forest City Twp. 155 188
Forest Prairie Twp. 13 36
Greenleaf Twp. 188 194
Harvey Township 58 109
Kingston 5 44
Kingston Twp. 40 153
Litchfield W1 365 248
Litchfield W2 264 260
Litchfield W3 288 190
Litchfield W4 270 241
Litchfield W5 227 174
Litchfield Twp. 236 224
Manannah Twp. 21 32
Totals 2405 2578