Many library patrons like to sink their teeth into a good series. There’s a comfort in knowing that the plot of a story doesn’t end with the last page, and that your favorite characters get to embark on new or different adventures. While it can be difficult to get a teenager excited about the idea of reading, finding a good book series can help.

The fact that several book series are being made into television shows can make reading more appealing to teens. For example, one series by Karen McManus starts with “One of Us Is Lying” and follows with “One of Us Is Next.” The books gained even more popularity when the series was adapted into a two-season television series. Worried that two books won’t be enough to keep your teen reading? The third book in this series is going to be released in August of this year. Additionally, McManus has written many other stand-alone YA novels that have plenty of drama to keep your teen hooked!

— Rachel Clarke is children’s librarian at Litchfield Public Library.