It was a bit chilly Saturday morning, with temperatures in the 30s and a brisk wind making it feel much colder. But most of the rosy-cheeked youngsters gathered at Central Park didn’t seem to notice the cold.

Much more important things were on their mind. Like how to gather as many of the brightly colored plastic eggs strewn throughout the park as possible

Children and parents lined the perimeter of Central Park as they waited the official countdown to the Community Easter Egg Hunt. And once the moment arrived, they darted across the park, stopping only briefly to stoop and scoop up an egg or two.

The Community Easter Egg Hunt was a joint effort of several area churches and the Litchfield Downtown Council, along with financial support from local businesses and individiuals. Also assisting Saturday were Litchfield Rescue Squad members and Litchfield Boy Scouts.

The groups filled thousands of the plastic eggs in advance of the hunt — most of the eggs with candy, but some with slips of paper designated the finder as the winner of a larger prize. Several bicycles, as well as large Easter baskets, were donated by area businesses.

— Text and photos by Brent Schacherer, general manager