Close-up of emergency lights on police car

Litchfield City Council learned through a memo from city administrator David Cziok, that Police Chief Patrick Fank has begun the process to dismiss Sgt. Bryant James Blackwell, who has been charged with two counts of third-degree DWI.

According to the memo, a previous state statute gave the Police Civil Service Commission authority in regard to hiring, firing, and establishing discipline. A recent update to the statute limits the commission's authority to making a non-binding recommendation on firing to the chief, who makes final determination.

The Police Civil Service Commission met Dec. 16 to give Fank a recommendation in regard to Blackwell. The commission did not make a recommendation for or against Fank's decision. Following the meeting, Fank began the process to dismiss Blackwell.

While the decision appears resolute, Blackwell can appeal the decision. Cziok said administration and the city attorney will be prepared for such an event.

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