This Halloween, it’s likely a few kids running around Litchfield will be dressed up as knights eager for candy. But this past Saturday, the men and women of the Armored Combat League were suited up as knights eager for battle.

“The fighters loved it,” said Pete Moe of Grove City, a fighter with the Twin Cities Wyverns. “We had great crowd participation. For a first-time event it was absolutely amazing.”

The War in the North at the Meeker County Fairgrounds in Litchfield was Minnesota’s first Armored Combat League tournament.

The Dallas Warlords, the Kansas City Serpents, the Chicagoland Hydras and the Twin Cities Wyverns faced off in team melees, one-on-one battles and a big brawl at the end. The spectacle drew a crowd of about 250.

“For the first time, it was beyond our expectations,” Moe said. “We already have more teams interested.”

He hopes to see the event grow next year to a full weekend attraction, and with a highlight video and more promotional materials, he thinks he can attract more interest. He also hopes to commission a traveling trophy designed to look like a viking battle axe.

The Dallas Warlords won the tournament, followed by the Twin Cities Wyverns in second, the Kansas City Serpents in third and the Chicagoland Hydras in fourth due to injuries. Other teams welcomed the Hydras still fit to fight, and they were able to continue participating.

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