Most women would be insulted to be called a bridezilla. Two Glencoe women welcome that label, however, and after this week, they won’t be able to avoid it.

On Friday, cousins Dani Scott and Carol Hinojosa Cruz, along with their reluctant husbands, John Scott and Arturo Cruz, were featured in an episode of the We TV reality show “Bridezillas.”

So how did a couple of small-town brides-to-be end up on TV? It all started with Dani, who was part of several wedding planning groups on Facebook. One day, she received a message from a person asking if she was interested in being on the show.

“I thought it was a scam,” Dani said. “Why would that be happening? She asked for a phone interview and I did that and realized it wasn’t (a scam).”

During the interview process, Dani mentioned that her cousin was also planning a wedding and would be a good fit for the show.

“She’s way crazier than I am,” Dani said.

The show’s producers gave Clara a call, who promptly hung up on them.

Clara also thought it was a prank, but after several more calls and a text message, she realized it was real. She spoke to the producers, and before she knew it, both Dani and Clara were offered contracts to be on the show.

The focus of the episode, and what drew TV producers to Glencoe, is the rivalry between the two cousins as Dani plans her wedding, which was Sept. 15, a month before Clara’s wedding, which was Oct. 20.

That cousinly competitiveness is nothing new, the two said.

“It’s always been like, ‘I have a boyfriend. Oh, really, I have a boyfriend too.’ ‘I just bought a house. Oh, really, I just bought a house too,’” Clara said. “That’s always been me and Dani, kind of just outdoing each other. Dani told them that I was jealous because I had been with Arturo for over 11 years and at that point in time she had only been with her fiancé for 11 months, and she was getting married before me.”

When it came to having their weddings recorded for TV, the two brides were all in.

“I was excited for the opportunity because I personally enjoy watching reality TV,” Clara said. “I love watching that stuff.

“My mom was like, ‘I’ve been calling you a bridezilla since the day we started planning. I think this is perfect,’” Clara added. “So then it was like everyone else was onboard and thinking it was perfect, so it was easy for me to decide.”

The grooms, however, were a different story.

“It was a little difficult,” Dani said about convincing her husband John to be on the show. “He’s not a very public person. He’s a little more low-key and quiet.”

“There was definitely quite a bit of convincing that had to take place there,” Clara said.

So why did the grooms agree? Well, we are talking about bridezillas here.

“Honestly, she just kept bugging me about it,” Arturo, Clara’s husband, said. “I couldn’t stop hearing it. She kept pretty much insisting every day, and I just didn’t want to hear it anymore, so I did it.”

“It was a lot of Dani convincing me,” John said. “She tried selling me on being on TV. In her defense, there definitely isn’t anything like it.”

In the end, both the brides and grooms said it was a memorable experience they were glad to have participated in. Most of all, they enjoyed getting to know the TV crew from L.A.

“We had a blast,” Dani said. “It was such a good time. It got really stressful at times, because they were filming all day every day … but overall it was an incredibly great experience.”

“At first I didn’t want to do it because I thought I wasn’t going to like it,” Arturo said. “It was different, but I think it was a good experience.”

After months of waiting, the couples, their families and the rest of the world were able to watch the episode when it aired Friday night. If you missed it, the episode is also available to watch on You can catch a sneak peek at

While the couples said they were excited to watch the episode and weren’t worried about reactions from people who see the show, Dani admitted it’s been on her mind.

“I am a little afraid of where my reputation is going to go after this,” she said, “but I’ve kind of just always been who I am, and I don’t really care what the world thinks at the end of the day. We had a fun time and an experience that not everyone gets.”

Whether all the drama people will see on TV is real or not, the couples could not comment due to their contracts. But if viewers like what they see, there’s good news: A second episode focusing on Clara’s wedding is expected at a later date.

“She actually got two episodes,” Dani said, “because her crazy can’t fit into one.”

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