Bryan Larson, Third District commissioner, was elected as the new chairman during the Meeker County Board of Commissioners’ first meeting of 2020.

He succeeds Mike Housman, Fourth District commissioner, following the vote at the Jan. 7 meeting.

As has been the tradition, the post of county board chairman rotates annually among each of the five commissioners.

Second District Commissioner Joe Tacheny was named vice chairman, while Housman was named reading clerk.

In other action, Braden Priam, parks superintendent, outlined to the board plans to apply jointly with Stearns County for a $340,000 State Outdoor Recreation Grant applicable to the Koronis Regional Park, which is administered jointly by the two counties.

As recommended by County Auditor Barb Loch, the following list of citizens was approved as the 2020 Meeker County Ballot Board: Lori Boettcher, Joyce Kellogg. Dianna McCarney, Pixie Mumford, Christine Paul, Phyllis Prantner, Colette Sikkila, Carol Stenger and Travis Scoblie.

This board will have the authority to accept or reject absentee ballots in Meeker County in the upcoming general election.

The Independent Review was named as the official county newspaper for 2020, and while sitting as the County Ditch Authority commissioners approved a bid of $37,567 from Central Applicators for the brush-tree spraying of 43 miles of county ditches.

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