Just when it looked like things were finally going the city’s way in the wastewater battle, up crops another hurdle. Litchfield, which has been working for the past several months on a wastewater plan which would put it back in the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s good graces, lost its wastewater superintendent on Tuesday. Dennis Holtz, a Litchfield native and 27-year employee, announced two weeks ago that he was leaving to become supervisor of a wastewater facility at New Richmond, Wisconsin. Holtz has been superintendent at the plant since 1992.

Andy Schoolmeesters, Vern Loch and Doug Anderson, representing First District Association, were honorees in cheesemaking competition at the Minnesota State Fair. Schoolmeesters took first place in barrel cheese; Loch took first place in the miscellaneous cheese category, and Anderson took second in barrel and third in miscellaneous. First District Association produces about 325,000 pounds of cheese daily at the plant here and processes about 3 million pounds of milk a day at the local plant.

A new instructor has been hired to teach agribusiness for the Litchfield School District. Tracy Errington will start Oct. 12. She will replace Bob Rick, who has accepted a position at Central Lakes College in Staples. Tracy is currently swine barn manager at University of Minnesota’s St. Paul campus.

When Meeker Cooperative Light and Power began discussing a new venue for their fund day, they had no idea what to expect. Saturday they found out. “It was a wonderful event,” said Janis Rannow, spokesperson for the cooperative. “We were extremely pleased with the turnout and the comments we heard.” More than 2,000 people took part in the cooperative celebrating, during which capital credit cards were distributed to cooperative members. In past years, the event had been held in the co-op’s parking lot and had not drawn more than 500 people. “It was a real good event. We had grandparents come with their grandchildren,” Rannow said.

The Litchfield Chamber Ambassadors performed a ribbon cutting at the new Hutchinson Telecommunications building Friday. Company President Walter Clay was welcomed by Ambassadors Barb Alsleben, Terry McNamara, Ed Olson, Jeff Woods, Pat Dvorak, Lisa Valiant, Rod Magnuson, Mary Root and Leanne Kess.

Kathleen McCarney, daughter of Michael and Diana McCarney, has been awarded an $8,500 scholarship by the College of St. Benedict for the 2000-2001 school year. The scholarship is the most prestigious awarded by the college. To be eligible, students must have a 3.6 grade point average and obtain a score of 30 or higher on the ACT.


A young man who spent most of his growing up years in Litchfield was killed in action in Vietnam on Sept. 13 Dead is specialist James T. Waldron. Word is the Waldron boy’s death reached Litchfield on Monday. “Jamie” as he was known to most Litchfield residents, graduated from West High School in Minneapolis after attended Litchfield High School for several years. Survivors include his father, Taylor C. Waldron. Funeral services were held Monday in Minneapolis with burial planned at Arlington National Cemetery.

The son of a Meeker County couple was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross recently at McChord AFB Washington. Cited was Capt. Lloyd A. Pearson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henning Pearson, who live in Union Grove Township. Capt. Pearson was honored for his action during a reconnaissance mission in Vietnam back on May 18. Capt. Pearson flew a total of 565 missions while serving in the Vietnam theater.

A rural Atwater man was injured Monday afternoon in an explosion that blew apart a cistern on a farm west of Grove City. Don Slinden was a patient at Meeker Memorial with head and leg injuries. He was standing about six feet from the cistern when the blast occurred. He does not recall hearing the blast but was struck a heavy blow on the forehead, either from debris from the cistern or as a result of being flung against something by the blast. Slinden, along with his son Don Jr. and Al Bengtson, were buring in the area when the blast occurred. Don Slinden Jr. and Bengtson were both knocked down by the blast but escaped injury.

In a Thursday home meet, Litchfield’s Sheldon Wallmow set a new school record as he toured the golf club course in 16:45. The Dragons cross country team took first in the three-way meet involving Willmar and New London.


The old Manannah town hall, long time social center for the community, opens again as a social center this Sunday. Now redecorated and renovated, it belongs to the Church of Our Lady at Manannah. It was purchased by the church last fall to serve as a center for parish social events. For its grand opening, a smorgasbord dinner will be served in the building Sunday, and there will be games and refreshments all day. Father Raymond Rypel, pastor of the church, invites friends from the area to visit the building and share in the meal. A dollar buys all you can eat, and 50 cents provides care for children under 12.

An estimated 5,325 bass fingerlings went into lakes Richardson, Minniebelle and Ripley Tuesday, thanks to a bass raising project sponsored by the Meeker County Sportsmen’s Club. The bass came from the rearing pond located at the brickyard farm north of town. Six pair of adult bass were placed in the pond this spring and the small bass are their offspring for the season. The fingerlings weighed a little more than an ounce each.

Bad fortune has been following the H.G. Weldon family of Grove City with persistence this fall. In the past month the family has had to put up with three broken legs and a badly crushed hand. Two weeks ago, 17-year-old Robert suffered a refracture of a leg healing from a fracture this spring. The next day, 15-year-old LeRoy caught his finder in a grain elevator and had to be hospitalized. Two days later their father Harold Weldon broke both legs when he was thrown from his tractor and run over by the loaded trailer he was pulling. He fell into the path of the tractor when the tractor seat broke off. The tractor rolled over both legs, breaking bones near the ankles. Although he is getting along well, he expect to be in the hospital for some time.

The football game between Willmar and Litchfield scheduled to be played Friday Sept. 26 at Litchfield has been canceled. Due to the fact Marlin Schultz, Willmar player, passed away from polio Tuesday. Local medical officials recommended the game not be played. If the schools can make arrangements, the game may be played at the close of the regular season.


Litchfield is to have a new photograph gallery if plays now laid for the same do not go amiss. C.L. Angell has leased the ground on the Sibley Avenue side of the alley just opposite the Horseshoe restaurant, upon which he will erect a sizeable building. Angell expects to have work upon the structure begin in about a month. Mr. Angell is an old resident of this city and is still very active for his years.

John McRaith of Darwin this week received an imported Shropshire ram, which he added to his already large herd of purebred sheep. Mr. McRaith procured the new addition at the state fair.

CHIROPRACTIC. No drugs. No knives. The success with which chiropractic adjustment has met in removing the cause of disease has been something astounding. Whether your chronic disease is acute or chronic, you need a chiropractor. Disease is caused by pressure on the nerve. We remove the pressure allowing nature to act freely. Dr. P.H. Puffer

Mrs. J.W. Ostrom who resided with her family in the town of Acoma, was instantly killed on Saturday afternoon. A son, Andrew, loaded a wagon with straw before taking it to Hutchinson. He then hitched the wagon to a pair of young horses, asking his mother to stand by the horses heads while he climbed up on the load. She did so and he got up on the wagon tongue and went to step on the ladder when a wisp of straw falling on the horses or something else scared them, and they started to run. Mrs. Ostrom tried everything to bring the animals to a stop and was dragged to the ground between them. Just as they passed her, the horses turned to one side, causing one of the hind wheels to strike her, crushing her chest. Mrs. Ostrom gave a short gasp and expired.

Albert K. Brown of Grove City and Miss Carrie Paulson, daughter of Mrs. P.M. Paulson of Atwater, were quietly married on Tuesday last. The young couple will reside in Grove City