Defend police sign

Miranda Gohn holds one of the signs printed to show support for law enforcement.

Miranda Gohn wants law enforcement to know they have support.

After a summer of protests, riots and cries to “defund the police” across the country, Gohn wants to send a different message.

Defend police.

Gohn, a Litchfield resident, funded the printing of more than 200 signs in three different sizes with that simple message emblazoned on them.

The signs will be made available for suggested donations at three locations in Litchfield — the Republican Party office at 231 Sibley Ave. N., Michelle Fischbach campaign office at 28 Third St. W., and Meeker County Republicans headquarters at 306 Ramsey Ave. N. Although each of the locations is associated with the Republican Party or a Republican candidate, Gohn wants it known that the signs are not about politics.

“I’ve had interactions with police officers all my life,” Gohn said. “They acted professionally every single time. This is nonpartisan. This is above party. We’re Minnesotans. We’re Americans. It doesn’t matter where you’re at; we need the police.”

Gohn said the current unrest has divided people, and more importantly, has left many in law enforcement feeling that they have lost support of those they protect and serve.

While most protests have come from larger cities, even officers in more rural areas have been affected, Gohn said. That was something Gohn learned during a recent conversation with a local officer who said, “even though we’re in Meeker County and we have good support here locally, when we see what happens nationally, it’s a gut punch.”

Meanwhile messages of support, such as the billboard funded by Systems West of Litchfield alongside U.S. Highway 12 East, are “a huge boost for their day and their morale,” Gohn said.

And that’s what prompted the yard signs.

“They have our backs, I want to make sure they know we have their backs,” Gohn said. “I want this idea to be picked up and move to other counties, Minnesota and beyond.”

Proceeds from donations to the signs will be given to the Meeker County Sheriff’s Association to help fund youth programs, Gohn said. That donation will take place Oct. 8 during Litchfield’s annual Harvest Madness event.

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