4-H clover

Five Meeker County teams were among the 700 youth on 171 teams from across Minnesota who participated in the 4-H Project Bowl, the second-largest 4-H event series of the year. 4-H Project Bowl challenges teams of three to five youth on their knowledge on a variety of topics including dairy, dog, general livestock, horse, llama/alpaca, poultry, rabbit and wildlife conservation.

Competitions were virtual with divisions for both junior- and senior-aged teams. This year, teams worked together to answer species related questions in a trivia format. Top placing teams in dairy, general livestock, horse and poultry hope to go on to national project bowl competitions.

“4-H Project Bowl helps youth build communications skills and gain deeper knowledge in topics they find interesting,” said Amber Greeley, director of State & County Fairs Programs. “We’re proud to have found a high-quality way to ensure youth can engage in this experience even in the midst of pandemic restrictions.”

Meeker County 4-H participant Audrey Frenchick said she had many favorite things about project bowl this year, including working the questions out as a team, laughing, making memories, learning more about horses, the competition, learning how to challenge a question, and the really good friendships she made.

"Horse bowl isn’t just about horses; you learn so many things,” Meeker County 4-H participant Raya Scott said, “I improved my communication and teamwork while working towards goals, made great friends and had lots of fun!"

Meeker County had teams participate in the dairy, horse and poultry competitions were:


Meeker County 1 - Junior Team; Advanced to round 3

  • Elizabeth Thyen, Danielson Hustlers
  • Claudia Frenchick, Koronis Eager Beavers
  • Henry Salzl, Valley Victors
  • Philip Salzl, Valley Victors

Meeker County 2 - Junior Team; Participated in round 1

  • Ella Lahr, Forest City Livewires
  • Elizabeth Lahr, Forest City Livewires
  • Vanessa Lee, Danielson Hustlers
  • Spencer Salzl, Valley Victors

Meeker County - Senior Team; Advanced to round 3

  • Preston Welling, Koronis Eager Beavers
  • Dayna Terning, Dassel Lamplighters
  • Paige Frenchick, Koronis Eager Beavers
  • Vincent Lee, Danielson Hustlers


Meeker County - Junior Team; Advanced to round 2

  • Audrey Frenchick, Koronis Eager Beavers
  • Kaitlyn Wesley, Forest City Livewires
  • Raya Scott, Kimball Kruisers


Meeker County - Senior Team; Participated in round 1

  • Nathan Stocker, Dassel Lamplighters
  • Gretta Lemke, Valley Victors
  • Henry Lemke, Valley Victors
  • Jacob Huhn, Litchfield Satellites
  • Jonathon Gathje, Valley Victors