John L. Smith

About me: I am a lifelong resident of Meeker County, a graduate of Litchfield High School in 1974. I have been married 35 years. I have three grown children. I am farm department manager at Runnings, where I have worked for 19 years.

What are your three priorities for the county?

My three priorities are:

1. Maintain and repair roads with the district.

2. Economy: work to attract jobs and industry.

3. Safety: Maintain our county as a great place to live.

If elected, how will you involve the public in making major decisions such as the budget?

If elected, I will involve the public in making major decisions about the budget by listening to the voters; I would engage voters with meetings on different subjects of concern.

What should the role of Meeker County government be in growing the county’s tax base?

The role of the Meeker County government in growing the county's tax base would be suited best by: Listening to the voters. Working as an elected official is customer service to the members of the community.

What do you think the Meeker County Board should pay more attention to?

Seeking more informed decisions on important issues, talking about the options to make the best informed decision.

Anything else you would like to add?

Government is a role that I take seriously and is the reason that I am running for commissioner, for the future of Meeker County.

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