Meeker County 4-H’ers showcased what they have accomplished throughout the year during four days of the Meeker County Fair Aug. 4-8 in Litchfield. During the fair, 232 4-H’ers exhibited 1,177 projects.

4-H exhibits at Minnesota county fairs go beyond fun annual events. Every summer, tens of thousands of 4-H youth participate in county fairs to showcase the knowledge and skills they’ve gained throughout the year, and to continue their learning experiences.

4-H youth spend months working on projects designed to equip them with essential life skills such as problem solving, decision making, project management, communications and public speaking. 4-H’ers then share their accomplishments and educate the public about their subject at their local county fair. They also lead visitors on tours of the 4-H buildings and barns, and conduct workshops and hands-on demonstrations for the public. 4-H’ers who demonstrate the highest achievements are then selected to participate in 4-H at the Minnesota State Fair.

“One of 4-H’s priorities is to provide learning and leadership experiences that guide youth in building relationships, developing communication techniques, and strengthening organizational skills,” said Jennifer A. Skuza, Extension Center for Youth Development Associate Dean and State 4-H Director. “Through these experiences, youth find the leaders within themselves and are able to make a positive impact in their club, home, school or community.”

The Champion and Reserve Champion Exhibitors at this year’s Meeker County Fair were:

(Placing Key: GC – Champion; RC — Reserve Champion)

(Club Key: CC — Cosmos Comets; DH — Danielson Hustlers; DL — Dassel Lamplighters; FCL — Forest City Livewires; IND – Independent; KK — Kimball Kruisers; KEB — Koronis Eager Beavers; LS — Litchfield Satellites; VV — Valley Victors)

4-H Marketing — Bailee Schiefelbein, KK, GC

Aerospace — Cooper Overson, DH, GC

Cake Decorating — Gretta Lemke, VV, GC

Cat-related — Nate Anderson, KK, GC; Alysa Jenkins, CC, RC

Child & Family Development — Bailee Schiefelbein, KK, GC; Renee Gaebe, KEB, RC

Citizenship — Bailee Schiefelbein, KK, GC; Abagayle Shoutz, FCL, RC

Clothing & Textiles — Gretta Lemke, VV, GC; Henry Lemke, VV, RC

Consumer Education — Spencer Salzl, VV, GC

Corn — Jonathon Gathje, VV, GC; Carson Cervin, LS, RC

Crafts — Helen Lund, DH, GC; Ruby Radunz, LS, RC

Dog-related — Andrew Soderlund, DL, GC; Frances Geurts, KK, RC

Electric — Riley Smith, CC, GC

Elements of Photoraphy — Jetta Klapotz, CC, GC; Alex Schrupp, KEB, RC

Exploring Animals — Adrienne Lipinski, VV, GC; Nate Anderson, KK, RC

Exploring the Environment — Alyssa Jenkins, CC, GC

Fine Arts — Annika Soderlund, DL, GC; Chelsea Neuman, KEB, RC

Fishing Sports — Cole Lindberg, KK, GC

Flower Gardening — Kaylee Thompson, DH, GC; Mallory Terning, LS, RC

Food Preservation — Raya Scott, KK, GC; Quinn Smieja, DL, RC

Food & Nutrition — Jacqueline Massmann, KK, GC; Abbigail Zimmerman, DL, RC

Fruit — Jonathon Gathje, VV, GC

Geology — Riley Smith, CC, GC; Maisy Geurts, KK, RC

Global Connections — Bailee Schiefelbein, KK, GC; Cade Cervin, LS, RC

Health — Aubrie Spanier, LS, RC; Cade Cervin, LS, RC

Herb Gardening — Emma Baker, VV, GC, RC

Home Environment — Aubrie Spanier, KEB, GC; Anna Euerle, FCL, RC

Horse-related — Audrey Frenchick, KEB, GC

Horseless Horse Exhibit — Ella Schrupp, KEB, GC

Indoor Gardening — Ruby Radunz, LS, GC; Gabriel Yanish, FCL, RC;

Needle Arts — Gretta Lemke, VV, GC; Frances Geurts, KK, RC

Pets Display — Ellie Donna, KK, GC

Photo Manipulation — Zoe Eblen, KEB, GC; Abbigail Zimmerman, DL, RC

Potatoes — Jonathon Gathje, VV, GC; Henry Lemke, VV, RC

Safety — Bailee Schiefelbein, KK, GC

Science of Animals — Adrienne Lipinski, VV, GC, RC

Scrapbooking — Aubrie Spanier, KEB, GC; Abigail Anderson, KK, RC

Self-Determined — Baileee Schiefelbein, KK, GC; Abagayle Shoutz, FCL, RC

Shooting Sports/Wildlife Management — Breven Buer, DH, GC; Quinton Griffith, DH, RC

Shop — Breven Bueer, DH, GC; Iver Buer, DH, RC

Small Engines — Cole Lindberg, KK, GC

Vegetable Gardening — Ella Schrupp, KEB, GC; Emma Baker, VV, RC

Veterinary Science — Adrienne Lipinski, VV, GC; Claudie Frenchick, KEB, RC

Video/Filmmaking — Bailee Schiefelbein, KK, GC

Water/Wetlands — Brandon Carlson, KEB, GC

Wildlife/Biology — CRiley Smith, CC, GC; hristopher Erickson JR, KK, RC

Youth Leadership — Zoe Eblen, KEB, GC; Bailee Schiefelbein, KK, RC

Club Banner — Koronis Eager Beavers, GC; Valley Victors, RC

Club Scrapbook — Koronis Eager Beavers, GC

Club Community Pride — Koronis Eager Beavers, GC

Club Potted Flowers — Koronis Eager Beavers, GC; Cosmos Comets, RC

Club Recycling Barrels — Cosmos Comets, GC; Koronis Eager Beavers, RC

Club Scarecrows — ForesT City Livewires, GC; Dassel Lamplighters, RC

Demonstrations — Henry Lemke, VV, GC; Adrienne Lipinski, VV, RC

Fashion Revue — Gretta Lemke, VV, GC; Adrienne Lipinski, VV, RC

Food Review — Gretta Lemke, VV, GC; Adrienne Lipinski, VV, RC

Performing Arts — Greta Hulterstrum, LS, GC, RC

Pet Show-Cat — Michael Gaebe, KEB, GC; Gabriel Yanish, FCL, RC

Pet Show-Dog — Gabriel Yanish, FCL, RC; Abagayle Shoutz, FCL, RC

Pet Show-Other — Ruby Radunz, LS, GC; Mariah Wojtanowitz, KEB, RC

Beef-Breeding Heifer — Brooke Polzin, LS, GC; Dallee Hecht, KEB, RC

Beef-Cow and Calf Pair — Madelyn Ludwig, VV, GC; Dayna Terning, DL, RC

Beef-Prospect Calf — Ava Gabrielson, LS, GC; Liam Gabrielson, LS, RC

Beef-Market Beef — Jacob Huhn, LS, GC; Dallee Hecht, KEB, RC

Beef-Baby Beef — Abigail Ludwig, VV, GC

Beef-Beginner Showmanship — Abigail Ludwig, VV, GC; Anika Gabrielson, LS, RC

Beef-Intermedia Showmanship — Dallee Hecht, KEB, GC; Brooke Polzin, LS, RC

Beef-Senior Showmanship — Madelyn Ludwig, VV, GC; Jacob Huhn, LS, RC

Dairy-Junior — Andy Gruenes, VV, GC; Elizabeth Thyen, DH, RC

Dairy-Senior — Anna Euerle, FCL, GC; Andy Gruenes, VV, RC

Dairy-Beginner Showmanship — Isabella Gonzales, DH, GC; Ella Schrupp, KEB, RC

Dairy-Intermedia Showmanship — Eric Fester, DH, GC; Vanessa Lee, DH, RC

Dairy-Senior Showmanship — Taylor Fester, DH, GC; Preston Welling, KEB, RC

Dog-Agility-Limited — Natalia Radtke, DL, GC

Dog-Agility-Beginner — Andrew Soderlund, DL, GC

Dog-Agility-Elementary — Frances Guerts, KK, GC

Dog-Agility-Jumpers 1 — Frances Guerts, KK, GC

Dog -Obedience-Foundation — William Tangen, FCL, GC; Liam Gabrielson, LS, RC

Dog-Obedience-Beginner — Gabriel Yanish, FCL, GC; Courtney Atkinson, FCL, RC

Dog-Obedience-Graduate Beginner — Natalia Radtke, DL, GC

Dog-Rally-Pre-Novice – Courtney Atkinson, FCL, GC

Dog-Rally-Novice — Gabriel Yanish, FCL, GC; Andrew Soderlund, DL, RC

Dog-Showmanship-Open — Gabriel Yanish, FCL, GC; Andrew Soderlund, DL, RC

Dairy Goat – Overall Dairy Goat — Natalia Radtke, DL, GC

Dairy Goat – Beginner Showmanship — Everett Snodgrass, DH, GC

Dairy Goat – Senior Showmanship — Natalia Radtke, DL, GC

Meat Goat – Breeding meat Goat — Brooke Polzin, LS, GC; Bailee Schiefelbein, KK, RC

Meat Goat – Market Goat — Teagyn Ludwig, VV, GC; Ethan Geislinger, VV, RC

Meat Goat – Beginner Showmanship — Carson Cervin, LS, GC; Desirae Polzin, LS, RC

Meat Goat – Intermediate Showmanship — Brooke Polzin, LS, GC; Alison Thielen, VV, RC

Meat Goat – Senior Showmanship — Teagyn Ludwig, VV, GC: Taylor Ludwig, VV, RC

Horse-Pleasure-Grades 10-plus — Allayna Eblen, KEB, GC

Horse-Pleasure-Grades 6-9 – Audrey Frenchick, KEB, GC

Horse-Pleasure Novice — Scott Raya, KK, GC

Horse-Games-Grades 10-plus — Dayna Terning, DL, GC; Aleisha Shoutz, FCL, RC

Horse-Training — Annika Soderlund, DL, GC; Kadence Caron, FCL, RC

Horse-Horseless Horse — Ella Schrupp, KEB, GC

Poultry-Overall Poultry — Ruby Radunz, LS, GC; Adrienne Lipinski, VV, RC

Poultry-Chickens — Adrienne Lipinski, VV, GC; Ruby Radunz, LS, RC

Poultry-Doves — Ruby Radunz, LS, GC, RC.

Poultry-Ducks — Ruby Radunz, LS, GC; Dayton Buer, DH, RC

Poultry-Pigeons — Cole Lindberg, KK, GC; Ruby Radunz, LS, RC

Poultry-Turkeys — Seth Lund, DH, GC; Henry Lemke, VV, RC

Poultry-Beginner Showmanship — Ryan Donnay, KK, GC; Timothy Donnay, KK, RC

Poultry-Intermediate Showmanship — Henry Lemke, VV, GC; Mitchell Lipinski, VV, RC

Poultry-Senior Showmanship — Gretta Lemke, VV, GC; Adrienne Lipinski, VV, RC

Poultry-Poster — Gretta Lemke, VV, GC; Ruby Radunz, LS, GC

Sheep-Lamb Lead-Beginner — Madelyn Lindberg, KK, GC

Sheep-Lamb Lead-Intermediate — Henry Lemke, VV, GC; Riley Joyer, FCL, RC

Sheep-Lamb Lead-Senior — Bailee Schiefelbein, KK, GC

Sheep-Overall Market Lamb — Bailee Schiefelbein, KK, GC; Tanner Kohls, LS, RC

Sheep-Overall Breeding Ewe — Tanner Kohls, LS, RC, GC

Sheep-Beginner Showmanship — Avery Joyer, FCL, GC; Jerome Nohner, IND, RC

Sheep-Intermediate Showmanship — Riley Joyer, FCL, GC; Brooke Caron, FCL, RC

Sheep-Senior Showmanship — Bailee Schiefelbein, KK, GC: Tanner Kohls, LS, RC

Swine-Overall Breeding Gilt — Preston Welling, KEB, GC; Adrienne Lipinski, VV, RC

Swine-Overall Market Barrow — Azalea Utsch, KEB, RC; Cade Cervin, LS, GC;

Swine-Overall Market Gilt — Cade Cervin, LS, RC; Paige Welling, KEB, GC

Swine-Pen of 3 — Paige Weling, KEB, GC; Mitchell Lipinski, VV, RC

Swine-Beginner Showmanship — Azalea Utsch, KEB, GC; Quinton Griffith, DH, RC

Swine- Intermediate Showmanship — Cade Cervin, LS, GC; Mitchell Lipinski, VV, RC

Swine-Senior Showmanship — Spencer Eisenbraun, KEB, GC; Preston Welling, KEB, RC

Rabbit – Overall Breeding Rabbit — Joseph Carlson, FCL, RC; Zoe Packard, CC, GC

Rabbit – Beginner Showmanship — Jetta Klapotz, CC, GC; Carson Cervin, LS, RC

Rabbit-Intermediate Showmanship — Ellie Donnay, KK, GC; Brooks Dengerud, LS, RC

Rabbit-Senior Showmanship — Ruby Radunz, LS, GC; Cora Huhn, LS, RC

Rabbit-Costume Exhibit — Cora Huhn, LS, GC; Jayden Long, CC, RC; Zoe Packard, CC, RC

Rabbit-Promotional Poster — Gabriel Yanish, FCL, GC; Ruby Radunz, LS, RC