If anyone is a fan of cows, cheese, burgers or just the dairy food group in general, then Hutchinson’s newest downtown business can’t moo-ve in soon enough.

Muddy Cow, a family-friendly, sports-oriented bar, will fill the former Landy Lodge building on Third Avenue. Patrick Conroy, who opened a Muddy Cow in Litchfield last year, will head the venture. He owns 16 restaurants in the state, including several Muddy Cow restaurants and other establishments.

“When (the building) became available, I went and checked out (Hutchinson),” Conroy said. “It seems like a great city, and it’s growing more and more. Everywhere seems to be thriving. I thought it would be a good fit.”

Remodeling is scheduled to begin next week, but Conroy doesn’t expect much change will be necessary.

“It’s pretty nice in there,” he said. “We should be ready to open early to mid-June.”

He estimated a similar staff count to the Litchfield restaurant, with roughly six or seven full-time employees and 30 to 35 part-time employees.

Conroy boasts Muddy Cow has “the best cheese curds you can buy.”

He’s noticed that two Muddy Cow staples tend to generate the most online buzz: the free cheese balls in the popcorn machines and the cow decorations.

“That seems to be the source of a lot of social media pictures people take,” Conroy said.

In Litchfield, Muddy Cow has a pool table, darts and televisions lining the walls. Similar decor is expected in Hutchinson.

“It’s a sports bar,” Conroy said. “But we definitely get lots of families. ... I feel like our concept fits right in.”

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