OK, it’s getting down to windchill numbers – 30-below recently. I like that. Now, that’s serious weather.

Minnesota doesn’t kid around. It’s nice to cuddle up under the quilts and read and watch TV and then shuffle to the computer and watch animals being funny.

But, this iciness also brings out the rebel in me. I look out there and say, “Oh, yeah? Think you can keep me inside? No way!”

I get all bundled up and hurl myself out into the snow. I sweep and scrape off the car (I park outside – don’t ask), crank ‘er up and cruise around town — even trying a few modest slides at deserted intersections.

Remember when we would spin the car in complete circles when we dared? Remember snow banks so high you had to put a flag on your aerial so other cars could see you entering the cross streets? We kids even used to take our car out onto Lake Ripley and slide all over the place. Those were the days. We are more sensible now, of course. I wonder: Do those ice fishers sneak in a few spins going to and from their fish houses? Hmm...

When Bill and I lived in Hollywood for a couple years, I used to get so irritated with the weather. Every day, day after day, the weather was beautiful. Dry, sunshiny, bright blue skies. ALL THE TIME.

I’d open the curtains and there it would be – cheerful weather. Like that annoyingly sweet friend, who relentlessly looks on the bright side. Come on, don’t you ever get depressed? Angry? Bored? That’s Los Angeles weather.

Oh, OK, a few days of tropical rain, but that’s it. I admit ... then, it’s interesting. But mostly, it’s just day after day of gorgeous weather. Not like Minnesota weather — like a self-centered narcissist, it does whatever it likes, and you can like it or lump it. Blizzards where the snow blows sideways, rain storms where you can’t see across the street and sometimes have to hide in your basement, heat and humidity that rival Calcutta.

When the weather’s gorgeous here, we are grateful and transported with joy. Wow. Sunshine, blue skies, fluffy white clouds, a light breeze – perfect. It’s as if our weather was a hammer that hits us on the head from time to time and then, of course, we are jubilant when it stops and we are once again bathed in sunshine. Now, that’s a climate that gets you going alright. It’s been said that Minnesota weather does not welcome lay-abouts — unlike California, for example, where you can sleep on the beach year ‘round. As my mother used to say “you better ‘stir your stumps’ to make it here.”

Now, to go outside. I love that “scritch, scritch” sound my boots make when it’s way below zero and I’m crunching my way to the car. When that happens, I KNOW I’m in serious weather. We’re all Arctic explorers then. Wake the dogs ... MUSH!!! (or ‘marche” if you’re a purist.) Au revoir.