I grew up in a hunting and fishing family, eating what we shot and caught. My parents owned the house on the hill between Lake Washington and Lake Stella. We fished in Lake Washington because we docked our boats on that side. We also skied on Lake Washington but we ran down the hill steps to swim in Lake Stella. Sometimes the men in the family fished on Lake Stella or headed to other Minnesota lakes. When we lived in Indiana, we spent summers at lake cabins here in Minnesota with our relatives, fishing and water skiing.

Most of my family fish in the summer. I am not a great caster and I do not care if I catch fish or not. I am willing to be the one baiting hooks for children. When we were kids, brother Bob refused to fish in a boat with me because he swore my talking scared the fish away. I firmly believe it is this statement that earned Bob four daughters and no sons, just like having four sisters and no brothers.

Judy Holmes, a voracious reader and a fabulous cook, resides in Litchfield and thinks too much.