Like most Meeker County residents, I'm almost desperate to find in my day-to-day routine some semblance of the normalcy we knew in everyday life before the onset of the coronavirus outbreak.

I found one Friday night, June 19. What a welcome experience for me it was sitting in on the return of Blues baseball. Yes, it was sort of a throwback experience to the carefree summer nights of the pre-pandemic.

There was a nice crowd for the game at the beautiful, well-kept Optimist Park. Lots of young couples, a sprinkling of tots frolicking on the diamond hillside, and yes, a few tottering old-timers like me.

The game between the Blues and Spring Hill was nicely played. Spring Hill is one of the minute Stearns County communities with a fine baseball field, a busy bar and a beautiful church, and not much else.

On a superb summer night, the game provided at least a hint of normal life that so many of us are looking for.

Yes, the night had its satisfactions, but was not without its misgivings. Hardly anyone except workers at the refreshment stand wore a mask, and social distancing was roundly ignored in the fine summer weather. And, of course, this is not good.

Like most people, I have a real ambivalence relative to this coronavirus outbreak. I know restrictions are extremely important, especially for old people. Yet, on occasions like Friday night at the ballgame, I tend to put them out of my mind as I'm sure many did at Friday night's game.

With that mindset prevailing, a lot of us had a great time at the ballpark Friday night, maskless like me with many like me also enjoying the amenities of the ballpark — a Coors Lite and a hot dog.

— Stan Roeser is former co-owner of the Litchfield Independent Review.

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