Question marks

The primaries are over. The picture for Election Day has been made clear. We know which local, state and federal candidates will be on the ballot Nov. 3, but what do we know about the candidates? Especially our local candidates for City Council, County Board and School Board. With 19 candidates to consider in six contested races, and voters have plenty to consider.

While the presidential election takes national headlines, the reality is that local government matters most when it comes to making choices that will most directly affect our lives. The people you elect in city, county and school elections in November will make decisions about local services, funding and tax levies.

When it comes to local elections, the stakes are often much greater than most federal elections. Yet these are also the races people often know less about. They’re the down-ballot elections that may be left blank or filled in with little to no consideration.

Independent Review readers should know better by now than to ignore local elections. We strive to introduce candidates to our readers, and help residents get to know the people who are running to represent them. In that effort, the Independent Review has planned a series of stories and Q&As with local candidates to help readers make their decisions this fall. And even though Election Day is two months out, we’re preparing to get this information out early for a surge of absentee voters this election. Because even if you want to vote early, you should know as much as you can about each candidate.

With nine candidates running for three seats on the Litchfield School Board, the Independent Review plans to send out questions to each of the candidates and print their responses in an upcoming edtion.

Along the way, we’re still planning coverage of other important races such as the 7th Congressional District, as well as state House and Senate elections.

But we want to make sure we’re doing what we can to get the information that matters most to our readers, so we would like your input.

Generally, we think we’re pretty good at coming up with questions that are important to our readers and members of the voting community, but this year we’re asking for your help. What would you like us to ask the candidates?

Do you have a question about a city or county policy? Are you curious what the candidates think about a specific issue?

Whatever your questions are about, email them to, along with your name and phone number in case we have to reach you, and we may ask the candidates.

We’re looking forward to hearing what issues are most important to you, and hearing what the candidates have to say.