Reader letter

I met Maya just after I had finished mowing my lawn. It had been a really hard job because the terrain is bumpy and filled with unseen sticks.

My lawnmower was slow to start, so I did not want to stop once I got it going. Took me about an hour and a half — two hours including a break. I was just beginning to feel the aches and pains of such work when I saw a beautiful golden German Shepherd coming toward me. Turns out she had been rescued by my neighbor who’d found her wandering around his yard trailing her leash. He asked me if I knew whose dog it was. I did not know.

The dog was polite and quiet. Friendly and calm. We both agreed it was an apparently well-trained and cared-for animal.

At one point, the rescuer softly asked Maya to sit, and she did immediately. The rescuer found an i.d. and a 800 number on the dog’s collar. He called it and was soon in conversation with the owner.

That’s how we learned the golden dog’s name was Maya. I asked Maya to come to me and she did. I petted her and she sat beside me for a few moments. Then, the rescuer took her leash and told her to come with him to his house to wait for the owner to pick her up, which he did in no time at all.

I was rather sad to see Maya leave — a good dog, happily reunited with her owner — thanks to a kind neighbor who cared about a lost dog.

Kind of makes your day, doesn’t it?

Carole Wendt, Litchfield