Reader letter

Halloween, Oct. 31, 2020, and here we are worried about the covid pandemic, worried about political and civil unrest, worried about our ourselves, our families, friends and neighbors, and worried about how to get a mountain of leaves raked up and disposed of. Low and behold, about 10 a.m. on this bright, sunny, windy, coolish Halloween day, a group of folks from the Cornerstone Church showed up at my front door.

Would it be OK for us to rake up the leaves for you? Would it be OK? Wow! This senior citizen was aghast to think that this group would take time out of their busy lives, to perform an overwhelming task of raking (and disposing of) the mountains of dead leaves from my huge yard.

They went about raking the leaves into piles, putting some in large bags, and, of course, having fun by jumping in the piles of slightly wet leaves and taking many photos.

Would you like us to do the backyard, too? Whoa, that would be lots of leaves to move. My backyard is huge, filled with many trees; there is a woods between the backyard and the Burlington Northern Railway tracks.

But with tarps and wheelbarrows, they hauled a small mountain of leaves into the woods, where it would soon be turned into rich black soil. (My neighbors and I have been depositing leaves in that woods for the more than 70 years my family and I have lived here.)

By 1 p.m. they had completed the task; the yard was bereft of leaves, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, all was well in this little corner of the universe.

Our thanks to the Student Ministry group from Cornerstone Church — eight young people, their director, Dave Grutcesen, Pastor Paul Jorgensen and other helpers. To them and the many others who are living the word, taking care of their neighbors, bringing hope to a world in pain, we give thanks. God Bless Us, Everyone!

Jeanie Shoultz Doran,