Reader letter

Orville Moe’s letter about climate change published Nov. 10 is full of misinformation and misleading information, including:

  • No scientist has claimed the planet will “no longer support life” if CO2 emissions aren’t reduced.
  • If the CO2 measurements from Mauna Loa were influenced by nearby volcanoes, we would see spikes that correspond to volcanic activity and not a gradual rise over decades.
  • A similar rise in CO2 has been measured all over the globe, even at the South Pole which is a long way from any active volcanoes.
  • Regarding the 31,000 scientists signing a petition to reject the Kyoto climate change agreement, there is no way to verify what, if any degrees, the signees have, and most attested that they did not have an academic degree in climate science or earth science.

Gary Hammer,

Fargo, North Dakota