Reader letter

To Litchfield Mayor Keith Johnson and delightful residents of Litchfield:

My wife and I want to thank Mayor Keith Johnson and the delightful residents of Litchfield for their great, great friendliness and hospitality on Memorial Day. This is a memory we will not forget.

We rode our three-wheeled motorcycles from Fulda to your great city of Litchfield. We had a local gentleman riding a motorcycle as our tour guide. Name is unknown, but thank you. We participated in your Memorial Day parade, ceremony at the GAR monument in the cemetery, dinner at the Opera House and toured the GAR museum. The historian did a great job on the history.

Thank you for a great day. One outstanding parade memory was a lady holding a "THANK YOU" sign. She received my salute and thank you in return. Thanks for the applause, smiles, salutes, hand waving and cheering. This set a deep mark in our memory bank. Thanks again to all of you.for a great day.

PS. We're only 120 miles away..Stop in for a visit.

Chuck and Georgia Lursen,

Fulda, Minnesota