There are groups of people in Litchfield who meet for breakfast or lunch weekly. Well, our group is a varied bunch, and according to a quote from Stan Roeser, “We are a typical microcosm of middle-class gentlemen meeting for breakfast for nearly a decade like every community our size across this broad land.”

We have a retired superintendent, teachers, doctors, business people, salesmen, coaches, politicians past and present and formerly, a very interesting newspaper man in our midst.

Stan wrote about us in an article titled "The coffee bunch" in LOOKIN’ AROUND LITCH, in the Independent Review a few years back. “All of us pretty much grew up in Minnesota towns and graduated from Minnesota colleges,” he wrote.

Continuing his words from that article, “There are no geniuses among us, but no dummies either.” The piece in the paper went on to say that, “Talk is about sports, weather, the local scene, and what’s been on TV dominate the conversation. We don’t dwell on politics or religion much, and that’s probably one of the reasons we get along so well.”

Stan also wrote of The coffee bunch, “It’s a pleasant group, and for me those mornings we meet each week are one of the bright spots on a very limited social calendar.”

Our group knows what a difference Stan Roeser made for our community. He arrived in Litchfield in 1957 from the University of Minnesota as a newspaper reporter for the Independent Review and later became a co-owner of the business. Stan’s articles, pictures, sports and fine arts coverage, school board, city council and county meetings, and editorials to mention some of his work inclusions, all made an impact on our local scene, and his work made many a scrapbook memory for people to cherish a lifetime. Stan Roeser, you will be missed, so RIP our dear friend and colleague. Life in Litchfield will not be the same without you, and you will be missed weekly at our breakfast table!


The coffee bunch: Dave Buresh, Donn Hoffman, Dan Johnson, Keith Johnson, Ron Johnson, Joe Langemo, Cecil Leitch, Mike Miller, John Schmidt