Republican Michelle Fischbach is challenging Democratic Rep. Collin Peterson for his seat in Washington, D.C. At first glance, it may seem that these candidates are similar. Both call themselves pro-life and pro-economy. However, the differences between the candidates are substantial.

Collin has been in his seat for 30 years, and in the past has been categorized as strongly pro-life. Yet, he recently earned only a 58 percent pro-life voting record ( and has lost key pro-life endorsements from Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life and National Right to Life Committee, which formerly supported him. In 2020, these two influential groups chose to instead endorse Michelle for her 100 percent pro-life voting record in the Minnesota Senate.

On the economy, Collin has acted in opposition to President Trump. If you believe that the lowered taxes, higher family credits and record-breaking unemployment rates over the last three years are due to President Trump's tax bill, then you can't thank Collin. He voted against it. On the other hand, Michelle has been endorsed by Trump to help advance his agenda.

Democratic voters will appreciate that Collin's actions in recent years match more closely with the Democratic platform. Also, his presence as a Democrat helps keep Speaker Nancy Pelosi in power. Republican voters are happy to see Michelle as a candidate with the momentum that finally stands to win against Collin.

This race is expected to be extremely close. If you feel strongly about this race, you need to vote on Nov. 3.

Anna Enright,