Minnesota State Fair brews

Cool off and refresh yourself with new brews at the Minnesota State Fair. A total of 53 new varieties and 27 returning favorites will be available.

Minnesota State Fairgoers won’t be going thirsty this year. The Great Minnesota Get-Together will debut 53 brand new brews and cocktails.

In addition, 27 beverages return this year for a grand total of 300-plus available drink options.

The following is a list of new offerings:

  • Berry Go Round Sour is a mixed culture Berliner weise aged for more than a year in 80-year-old cypress wood layering tanks before being fermented on raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and blueberries.
  • Berry Manilow is a thirst-quenching elixir starting with a lightly hopped brew, blended with Utepil’s housemade lemonade and a splash of raspberries.
  • Blood Orange Freewheeler made with Freewheeler Dry Apple Cider is sweetened with freshly pressed blood oranges for a tart and effervescent taste.
  • Canoe Paddler Kolsch brewed with rye and is slightly spicy yet smooth.
  • Cherry Firework Hard Seltzer, a gluten free hard seltzer, is crafted with all-natural cherries. It’s light, refreshing and full of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs.’
  • Cherry Passion Fruit Tart Ale balances hints of citrus with generous additions of tart cherry and passion fruit. This thirst-quenching ale is designed for summer with notes of tropical sweet, tart and plum from Belgian yeast.
  • Coco-Lime Wit is made of a blend of lime and coconut infused witbier and tart wheat beer. This yields a fruity, balanced summer sipper.
  • Cotton Candy Cream Ale is a fun and refreshing take on a State Fair classic fare. This cream ale is infused with the flavors of fresh-spun cotton candy.
  • Cotton Candy Milkshake IPA is a pint of nostalgia. Bold and refreshing, the beverage is rimmed with pink cotton candy sugar. This IPA combines your favorite childhood treat with your favorite adult pastime.
  • Country Rose Spritzer is reminiscent of the Italian countryside and is infused with hibiscus and topped with a splash of soda.
  • Crop Duster Lager is a regular American lager made for drinking at a regular American pace, made with real corn, the old-fashioned way.
  • Dreamsicle Hard Malt is a spin on a classic malt. It's a sweet treat that starts with blood orange hard Italian soda and is blended together with vanilla ice cream.
  • Elderflower Wheat Ale is a showcase of Minnesota-grown ingredients that pairs locally grown wheat with Triple Pearl hops from Mighty Axe Hops Farm for a soft melon and sweet citrus flavor.
  • Four Seam Screamer delivers straight-down-the-middle hop flavor, with tropical notes of orange, mango and pineapple, and a dry, crisp finish.
  • Funnel Cloud F2 Ale is made with notes of lightly toasted bread, caramel and vanilla. This not-too-sweet copper-colored ale is inspired by classic State Fair funnel cakes.
  • Great Minnesota Citra-gether IPA has bright citrus, tangerine and slightly nutty profiles.
  • The Great Minnesota Handshake is a sessionable strawberry milkshake cream ale with big strawberry fruit flavor and a touch of vanilla.
  • Honey Bee Lavender Honey Mead featuring sparkling honey with a touch of lavender, fermented to a semi-sweet effervescent finish.
  • Kirby Pucker #34 Arnie Palmer is third in a series of State Fair exclusives. It undergoes a second fermentation with lactobacillus and is brewed with loose-leaf tea, lemon zest and lemon juice with a hint of sweetness.
  • Lavender Lemonade Bubble Trouble is a Cannon River Sparkling Edelweiss wine accented with lavender infused lemonade that creates a fragrant, bubbly cocktail.
  • Leinenkugel’s Hefeweizen is a German-style hefeweizen that has a banana-like aroma and a spicy clove finish.
  • Lemon Drop Shandy is a refreshing wheat ale brewed with lemon juice and honey, making it a slightly sweet, sessionable shandy.
  • Lemon Meringue Pie Ale is a blonde ale with notes of bright citrus. This take on a classic dessert features toasted malts that give way to a hint of pie crust.
  • Mango Medusa is a mango-infused ale that can melt even the stoniest of hearts.
  • Mango Star is an IPA that shines with notes of bright hops and tropical fruit to light up your palate.
  • Michelada is a south-of-the-border beverage mixed with hot sauce, lime juice and a blend of spices.
  • Mighty Magenta Dragon Fruit IPA comes from the minds of two State Fair homebrew blue-ribbon winners. This fluorescent magenta beast gushes with exotic dragon fruit and juicy New World hops, all supported by 100 percent Minnesota malt.
  • Mini-Sotan IPA features a new experimental hop and Cascade hops, along with a complex blend of British, American and German malts.
  • Minnesota Mimosa is a classic served all day. Cannon River Edelweiss sparkling wine is topped with orange juice.
  • MN Brew Together Orange Dreamsicle IPA brewed with Minnesota barley and wheat malt, a bit of milk sugar and vanilla bean, then dry-hopped with Lotus and Citra Cryo hops.
  • MN Haze with notes of citrus and tropical fruit. This 100 percent Minnesota-grown hazy IPA is brewed with Mighty Axe hops and Vertical Malt malted barley.
  • Nordic Strawberry Blonde Ale is an easy-drinking berry brew made for Minnesota Nordics.
  • Northstar Frose Blanc made from a frozen blend of guava puree, lemon, orange and passion fruit juices, and Round Lake Winery’s Skinny Dipping Tropical Passion white wine.
  • Onesie, Twosie LuLu Lucky is a juicy, hop-forward IPA with bright tropical fruit aromas and a soft, pillowy body.
  • Orange Push-Up Pop brings you right back to summer vacation with that perfect cool treat in your hand. Brewed by Fulton Brewing in Minneapolis.
  • Peaches & Cream Ale is a spin-off of the popular Castle Danger Cream Ale and has a hint of malty aroma and a slightly sweet creamy texture.
  • People Watcher is a medium-bodied dry pilsner featuring notes of grapefruit and orange.
  • Pomegranate Bubbly Mojito is a combination of mint, lime and a twist of tart pomegranate with a snappy and sweet effervescence of Cannon River Sparkling Edelweiss wine.
  • Prickly Pear IPA is fruited with prickly pear puree. Brewed by Fulton Brewing of Minneapolis.
  • Red Wine Sorvino is a combination of intense strawberry and jam flavors. Cannon River’s GoGo Red wine are complemented by a dollop of sweet and tart housemade berry sorbet gelato.
  • Rosa Fresca is made with Mexican Honey Light and is finished with hibiscus and lime for a pink, rosy hue with notes of citrus and sweetness.
  • The Shandlot Mixed Berry Shandy is a summery brew infused with a mouthwatering blend of strawberries, blackberries and raspberries.
  • Sideshow Spritzer is a light and dry sparkling lager with delicate tropical notes of passion fruit and mango with a crisp finish.
  • Slushy LuLu Limoncello is a Road Rash Shandy Apple combined with zesty and juicy lemon, then frozen into a limoncello-style slushy.
  • Sparkling Honey Hive is made with fresh honey brewed with a touch of cane sorghum and lightly sweetened with dandelion honey.
  • Strawberries and Mint Bubbly Mojito features juicy strawberry, bright lime and mint flavors dancing together with Cannon River sparkling wine.
  • Strawberry Blond is a fruity American blonde ale featuring a delicate fragrance of German noble hops, a touch of white wheat and a strawberry puree.
  • Summer Luv’n Orange IPA combines Bent Paddle’s flagship Bent Hop Golden IPA with a burst of orange and tangerine infusion.
  • Summer Sunset Frose blends together peach juice, strawberry juice and Round Lake’s Frontenac Gris.
  • Sunset Rose Wine is a not-too-sweet sipper made with notes of strawberry, chokeberry, cranberry and watermelon.
  • Toasted Pumpkin Seed Ale is a traditional lager with toasty, roasty pumpkin seed flavor.
  • Very Berry Frozen Hard Seltzer is made with flavors of ripe summer berries begging to be sipped on a hot summer day.
  • White Claw Red Bull Slushie is made from refreshing Black Cherry White Claw Hard Seltzer mixed with energizing Coconut Berry Red Bull for a fabulous summer sipper.

The following 27 returning beverages are only found at the 2019 fair: Blue Raspberry Slushy, Blueberry Pomegranate Wine Slushie, Cake’d Up Celebration Beer, Candy Apple Hard Cider, Cherry Wine Slushy, Chocolate Chip Cookie Beer, Cotton Candy Bubble Trouble, Dill Pickle Kolsch, Frose Wine Slushie, Frozen Grain Belt Blu or Schell’s Sangria Toppers, Funnel Cake Cream Ale, Grapefruit Ode IPA, Key Lime Pie, LimeLight, Maple Bacon Brown Ale, Mini Donut Beer, Minnesota Mule Cider, Mobster Mule Bubble Trouble, Orange Cream Ale, Original Beergarita, Peaches & Gris Wine Slushie, Raspberry Hard Cider, Raspberry Wine Slushie, Red Sangria Slushy, S’Mores Beer, Sociable Mimosa or Bellini, Uff-da Ale.

The 2019 Minnesota State Fair runs Thursday through Labor Day, Sept. 2. For more information, visit mnstatefair.org.

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