Bennett Lecher

Parents names: David and Jodie Lecher

Sports Participated In: Football, Baseball, and Hockey

What does it mean to you to be nominated for Athlete of the Year/Scholar Athlete of the Year?

It’s a big honor because I have dedicated much of my life to athletics and academics giving both of them my best effort.

Personal Athletic Highlight:

Winning the 3A Section championship for football while breaking multiple school records in a shortened season.

What have you learned from your participation in athletics at Litchfield High School?

Trust, teamwork, and dedication. I learned to trust my coaches and teammates to do the right thing and give us the best chance at success. I learned to find success, you need to work well with your teammates, you have to communicate and work together to accomplish your goals. Finally, dedication, you need to be dedicated to your individual skill set as well as your team as a whole. Sometimes that means doing extra or the right thing when nobody’s watching.

Who’s the teammate you most admire? Why?

The teammate I admire the most is Christian Kelsey. He is a good leader and always stays positive when things are not going our way. With the position he plays, he gets little recognition but continues to put in the work to be the best he can be and a selfless teammate.

Any athletic plans after high school?

I plan to attend Dordt University in Iowa to continue my football career on a scholarship. I will be pursuing a degree in electrical engineering as well.