St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter visited Litchfield Wednesday, Sept. 25, a guest of state Rep. Dean Urdahl.

According to Urdahl, the mayor's staff contacted him a few weeks ago, requesting to meet with him in Litchfield.

Playing the good host, Urdahl, R-Acton Township, scheduled a meet-and-greet with city officials at City Hall, a tour of First District Association, a visit to the G.A.R. Hall and Litchfield Opera House and to Litchfield High School. The day actually started with breakfast at Swan's Cafe.

Carter said that while it might seem like there are vast differences between Minnesota's second largest city and a rural town like Litchfield, they actually have many similarities and goals.

"One of the things that strikes me ... we're really all up against many of the same things," Carter said. "Our ability to understand Litchfield and understand the work that's going on in Litchfield helps us approach the work that we have to do in St. Paul."

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