The 2019 Watercade medallion hunt continues with Clue No. 3:

Amusement Park

The first two clues of the hunt were:

Trick The Dwarf


The lucky person who finds the medallion can claim the grand prize of up to $200 by presenting it to a Watercade board member.

The medallion is hidden in the Litchfield area on public property. Finding the medallion will not require digging, climbing, cutting, hammering or any destructive means to retrieve it. Medallion hunters are urged not to search on private property or damage trees, shrubbery, buildings or other public property in their search.

Clues for the medallion hunt will be posted at 10 a.m. daily at and in the window of the Independent Review office, 217 Sibley Ave. N. Clues also will be read live on the air at KLFD-AM 1410. Clues will not be read over the telephone.

To be eligible for the $200 grand prize, treasure hunters must have purchased a $4 Watercade button from a Miss Litchfield candidate or a local business. Anyone without a button who finds the medallion will be eligible for a $100 prize.

The person who finds the medallion must present it the day it is found to a member of the Watercade board or call Watercade Chairperson Haley Malherek at 320-699-1360. The prize will be awarded during the Miss Litchfield coronation Sunday, July 15, at Bernie Aaker Auditorium.

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