Nearly 100 people enjoyed mouth-watering Nordic and Scandinavian cuisines at the Nordic Fest between noon and 5 p.m. Saturday, May 18, at Ness Church, 24040 580th Ave.

This was the fifth-annual event celebrating Nordic and Scandinavian roots in Minnesota. There were demonstrations on how to make fresh lefse and krumkake. In addition, there were two presentations in the church. The first presentation titled “The Invisible Narrative of the MN River Valley” given by Adam Savariego, accompanied by Lex Hernandez and Dalton LaBatte.

Savariego is a member of the Upper Sioux Community and he gave a personal family account of the U.S.-Dakota War.

“I presented a history that took me years of research with people (in) my own community,” Savariego said. “As well as using college resources to understand my own story, my own identity.”

“But then to understanding of the oppression of our own story in Minnesota or the place of Cloudy Waters... So, I hope to shed light on that here today,” Savariego said.

After the presentation, they performed a Native American song where the drumming reverberated the whole church. Although the event centered around Nordic and Scandinavian culture, it also created a space for people to learn about other cultures they otherwise would have never known.

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