Throwback photo: From issue of Thursday, June 18, 1969

Teenagers listen intently at the Rally for Decency Friday. The rally, originally scheduled for Ripley Park, was held at Wagner School. The weather cut sharply into attendance too — some 400 were expected — about 125 attended. But the young people who did turn out listened with rapt attention to a trio of speakers — Minnesota North Star's hockey star Lou Nanne; Bob Williams, former pro basketball player; and Yoshiteru Murakami, a member of the faculty at Concordia College. 


The Litchfield city council moved forward Monday with the multi-million dollar upgrade and expansion of the city’s wastewater treatment facility. But a final approval of some aspects of the plan were postponed for a few days to give the city and its largest customer a security agreement on the upgrades. The city council voted unanimously to accept the construction bid of $12.3 million on the project from Gridor Construction of Buffalo. But some aspects of the vote were delayed as the council sought assurance that after the project was completed First District Association would continue to operate here; Much of the wastewater facilities expansion plans centers around increased use by First District. Without the expansion plans at First District, expansion at the treatment plant would be unnecessary and unaffordable. The sight at the Gloria Dei nursing home on June 1 was unusual but welcome. Animals were all over the place as the Lichfield Satellites 4-H club conducted their animal pet show for residents. Members showed off their pets such as dogs, cats, guinea pigs, chickens and rabbits. The residents much enjoyed watching and petting the animals while reminiscing about their pets of long ago. The Minnesota Holstein Association’s annual state show will unfold at the Meeker fairgrounds Thursday and Friday. The show is expected to draw 300 registered Holsteins and some 400 to 500 people to Litchfield.20 YEARS AGO: NEWS FROM THE ISSUE OF JUNE 17, 1999

A long-standing problem with the dust-infested dirt road , which skirts the south edge of the ACGC school complex, apparently was settled at the Tuesday county board meeting. The road has been part of the Acton Township road system, and efforts by the ACGC school board and other officials to have the township improve it had failed. But under an agreement reached Tuesday, the dirt road stretch — officially 270th Street, will become part of the county’s state aid system. Gary Haagenson has been with First District Association for four decades, beginning his career in the dairy industry as soon as he was able to lift a milk can.”My dad had a milk truck, and when I was 15, I hauled milk in a Studebaker pickup,” Haagenson said. “Some had to ride with me since I was too young to get a license — I hauled 10-gallon milk cans to the creamery.”He worked for many years in the cheese plant as a barrel capper and filler and then on to work in the highly modern lab. Inmates in the California prison system , young recruits at a Kansas military school and steelworkers and fire fighters across the nation are covered at times by blankets and materials made at Litchfield Woolen Mills. The local woolen mill, which has almost a legendary status in the industry, opened for production this month after being closed for a year. The first batch of blankets was shipped out two weeks ago. It was local businessman Scott Lemke who engineered a deal with the Nelson family, former owners to re-open the plant.‘’It feels really good to be back on the job,” said Mike Redpenning, the woolen mills production manager.In 1937 the plant had one of its peak years with three shifts and 150 employees. At one time the woolen mills was the largest employer in Litchfield with 200 workers. Joe and Vern Becker, who currently run a 110-head dairy operation near Eden Valley, plan to expand to a 700-head operation on the site. The county board has approved a conditional use permit for the project. Since then the Eden Valley City Council has gone on record against the project until a joint powers board with representatives from Manannah townships and Eden Valley City have time to study the implications of a project of this scope.50 YEARS AGO: NEWS FROM THE ISSUE OF JUNE 17, 1969

Litchfield’s newest industry, Sievert Manufacturing Company, began operation here June 9. The firm is now employing 30 persons in its new building located on Gorman Ave. at Litchfield’s east outskirts. Work on the interior of the building is not complete, and when it is the firm expects to boost employment to 40-45 men. The company, which relocated here after nine years in Minneapolis, manufactures hollow metal steel frames for doors and windows. Most of its products are used in commercial or school and church construction. Army private Michael D. Thomas , son of Mr. and Mrs. Deb Thomas, fired expert with the M-1 rifle in May near the completion of his basic training at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky. The expert rating is the highest rating a soldier can receive in firing tests. Following his completion of basic training, Thomas went on to Fort Polk, Louisiana, where he is in an advanced infantry course in small arms. William A. Huhner, who comes to Litchfield from Bloomington, Illinois , is the new manager of the J.C Penney store in Litchfield. Huhner is a graduate of Marquette University and joined the J.C Penney firm in 1958 as a trainee in the firm’s store in Watertown, Wisconsin. He has been serving as a department manager in the Penney store in Bloomington. A native of MIlwaukee, Bill, his wife Carol and two-year-old son will be moving to Litchfield soon. Huhner succeeds Norman Sodahl at the local Penney store. Sodahl has moved to the Penney store in Storm Lake, Iowa.69 YEARS AGO: NEWS FROM THE ISSUE OF JUNE 13, 1950

Al Hummel, who has been associated with the Litchfield Gamble’s store since it was started here in 1931, has purchased the store from L. Kortie and Sons and is now the sole owner of the concern. The Litchfield Gamble store was opened by Kortie and sons 19 years ago. Al Hummel is well known in the county, having been a resident here for 20 years. He is a native of North Dakota. An exciting afternoon occurred Saturday at Lake Koronis when a black bear was spotted swimming between the second and third island of the lake. A real bear hunt followed with the bear coming out the loser. The hunters, Arnold Putzke, Clarence Johnson, Dave Schneider and Fred Putzke cornered the bear, and Putzke drove home the fatal bullet. The bear was fully grown and weighed about 210 pounds but was very thin. A class of 12 young people was confirmed at the First Lutheran Church in Litchfield Sunday. In the class were Gerald Almgren, Anne Marie Anderson, Richard Biekemeyer, LeRoy Carlson, David Chilstrom, Martha Chilstrom, Willis Hesser, Mary Gayle Coleman, Jerome Linddell, Carol Marquardt, June Ellen Minor and Sandra Olson.115 YEARS AGO: NEWS FROM THE ISSUE OF JUNE 10, 1904

One of the prettiest ball games of the season was played last Wednesday afternoon at the ballpark between the Boston Bloomers and the Litchfield team, the locals winning by a score of 11 to 9. Too much cannot be said about the good playing of the Bloomer Girls, and they took the town by storm. Four hundred people turned out to see the girls play, and they all went home perfectly satisfied. Umpire Monahan was inclined to favor the girls, but he is a man and has his weaknesses.Mrs. Hans Petersonass died at her home in Beckville Saturday, June 4, after a lingering illness. Deceased was born in Rydenge, Skone, Sweden, in April of 1850 and thus was 54 years of age. Her husband, four daughters and three sons, all of whom are unmarried, survive. The funeral was held Tuesday afternoon at the Beckville church.Carroll and Hugh Angier and John Bertelson left yesterday morning for the wilds of Northern Minnesota where they will spend several days hunting on government land and providing sustenance for hordes of eager woodticks.The night of June 1, another death occurred in Kingston. Jack Olson with his son were fishing on Lake Francis when the boat capsized and both were thrown in the water. Mr. Olson tried to swim to shore but perished before he could reach it.

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