May 25, 2019

Roger Alan Kloos (Shaker), 63, formerly of Litchfield, passed away Saturday, May 25, at his home in St. Paul.

Roger was born May 23, 1956, in St. Paul. He grew up in Litchfield, graduating from Litchfield High School in 1974. During the better part of his adult life he worked in the auto parts industry. He also drove with UBER.

Roger, better known as “Shaker” to those that grew up with him in Litchfield, loved many kinds of sports and any sport he participated in, he excelled. Shaker played hockey for many years and had the bad knees and ankles that followed him his entire adult life to prove it. He was a very good bowler having bowled at least 1 perfect 300 game. He was an avid golfer and tennis player as well. Probably his two favorite sports, however, were baseball and fishing.

Starting in high school, Shaker was a very good lefty pitcher. After high school, he played both VFW and Legion ball. Shaker was an original member of the Litchfield Blues and played with them for 11 years from 1977 through 1987. He also played fast pitch softball. In 2014, Roger was the 10th member to be inducted into the Litchfield Baseball Hall of Fame.

He absolutely loved fishing and camping. Roger fished in Canada, Alaska and of course, all over Minnesota. He shared his love of the outdoors and focused heavily on teaching his son Josh to follow in his footsteps. To this day, Josh returns to the same lakes and campgrounds they fished together over the years.

As a hobby he was an avid online gamer and had many friends around the globe. Together, they participated in sports tournaments and built lasting relationships. Roger was always one to mediate when tensions rose reminding everyone, “it’s only a video game”. He was a part of many online groups and will be remembered for his positive attitude and the sense of humor he brought to the community.

Roger had a vibrant, outgoing and fun personality. He loved to put a clever spin on words and would frequently tell people “you meant what I knew” whenever there was a brief misunderstanding. This sense of humor always left whomever met him with a smile on their face. He loved and was loved by many, many people. He will be sorely missed and as one person put it, “the world lost a great lefty”.

Roger is survived by his son Josh; his sister Sandy Thompson; and his brother Tim.

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