Child with Christmas gift

Enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner because holiday shopping kicks into high gear on Black Friday, Nov. 25, and Small Business Saturday, Nov. 26.

Friday, Nov. 25 is the start of the holiday shopping season. Saturday, Nov. 26, is Small Business Saturday! With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s time to get serious about your gift shopping.

When shopping for children’s gifts, there are many different types of toys to choose from. Many kids today may enjoy receiving digital, tech-forward presents such as iPads, Nintendo Switches, Smart TVs and so on, parents or caretakers may want to think outside of the box and encourage development, inspiration and education with their presents this year.

According to Good Housekeeping, families are still trying to fill the gaps from pandemic learning loss with toys that encourage children to think and learn. Consider which types of toys are really worth the investment — reusable, educational gifts that will engage them and lead to further brain development, or the trending toys that they’ll get tired of as soon as the next fad comes through.

There are many gifts out there that can encourage learning and discovery for kids of all ages, you just need to know where to look and what to search for!

If you can give your child or grandchild a present that will engage and inspire them while encouraging brain development and activity; why not grab it, wrap it up, and stick it under the tree?

Here are seven gifts to look for this holiday season to spark learning and discovery for any child on your Christmas list:

1. Lulu Jr. Illustory Book Making Kit or My Comic Book Kit

These book-making kits are perfect for kids ages 7-9; allowing them the opportunity to explore their creative side through writing their own book! The award-winning kit features a new writing guide, including instructions and information that will guide your child to write and publish a book. Give your child the gift of becoming a published author this holiday season.

2. CoComelon Ultimate Learning Bus

The CoComelon Ultimate Learning bus toy is recommended for kids 18 months or older, and is a wonderful addition to your preschool-aged child’s toybox. The bus features two modes of play to engage preschoolers, while developing their fine motor skills. It uses lights, sounds, music, and over 300 phrases and sounds to encourage children to learn letters, numbers, color recognition, and more. Kids can learn sounds and letters by using the interactive bus tokens.

3. Artie 3000, The Coding Robot

This Coding Robot toy is designed for kids age 7 or older to teach them about coding and computer programming. Coding is a valuable skill to have, and curious kids can enjoy learning about the beginning stages of the process by creating a code and watching Artie 3000 draw the lines on paper. Watch the robot draw designs before your eyes, while promoting positive STEAM development.

4. Grow ’N Glow Terrarium Kit

Got a plant lover in the family? The Grow ’N Glow Terrarium Kit from Creativity for Kids allows kids age 5 to 8 to craft, plant, water and grow your own mini ecosystem. You’ll just need to add water! The coolest part? The terrarium will glow at night.

5. R/C Snap Rover Electronics Exploration Kit

If your child is interested in cars and mechanics, this R/C Snap Rover Electronics Exploration kit (recommended for children age 8 to 10) is a great addition to their holiday gift lineup. With over 20 possible projects to encourage open-ended creativity with the pieces, keep your kid busy and eager to make their new rover move.

6. Klutz Build Your Own Gotcha Gadgets Activity Kit

If your kid enjoys building and piecing together “gadgets” of any kind, this kit gives them the chance to play 20 tricks with gadgets that they build themselves. This kit includes clear instructions, and a push button sound machine, motion sensor, light sensor, and door alarm. This kit is recommended for kids age 8 or older.

7. KLUTZ Lego Make Your Own Movie Activity Kit

Calling all future filmmakers, Lego makes it possible to create your own movie with this interactive kit. Use stop-motion animation to compile clips together to make a movie in as little as one hour. Your kid will enjoy seeing their creations come to life on-screen with this kit recommended for for kids age 8 or older. The kit also advances to accommodate older future filmmakers!

Whether your child enjoys exploring their creative side through film, science, robotics and mathematics, the arts and so on, there is an interactive gift for them to enjoy this holiday season.

Need help? Talk with local merchants about gift ideas. They know what is selling and what they have in stock.